Bülent Dal, Ph.D. , CEO and Co-Founder         
Bülent Dal graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering of Istanbul Technical University in 1991 and has a M.S. degree in Systems Analysis and Business Administration. Completed his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering in 1999 with a thesis study on Data Warehousing. In 1995, he co-founded OBASE to provide software and consultancy services. He writes articles about and is a speaker at conferences on business analytics, big data, retail operational efficiency, innovation and business optimization. He takes part in collaborative work to share his experience and knowledge in big data and analytical approaches. Known for sports enthusiasm, Bülent Dal is married with two children.

Banu Dal, Board Member and Co-Founder         
Banu Dal started her career in the automotive sector in 1989. She is the co-founder and board member since 1995. After completing her academic education in the Department of Mathematical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, she received earned a M.S. degree on System Analysis. She worked as a consultant in the fields of her expertise, especially retail. She assumed the R & D Center Manager role at OBASE, leading the innovation and product development and she provides support for the development of R&D activities in the country through studies conducted in the field of R & D. She studies Philosophy, Psychology and Personal Development. She is a mentor and shares her professional and personal experiences. Banu is married with two children.

Haluk Alpay, Board Member and Co-Founder         
Haluk Alpay started his career in the maritime and aviation industries and the information technology space. Co-founded OBASE in 1995 and is a board member since. Haluk graduated from the Department of Mathematics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University and completed his MBA at the Istanbul University, Department of Business Administration. Has mentored and led many organizations to improve their productivity, in the retail, telco, finance and government spaces.Is active in the board of industry communities and organizations, primarily in retail. He continues to share his curiosity about photography, art and personal improvement on different platforms. He has one child.

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