News from Obase

News from Obase

Şok Marketler has been honoured by Reta Europe 2017 at "Best Enterprise Solution" category with their large scale implementation of OBASE Replenishment solution!

Şok Marketler, the fastest growing retailer in Turkey in 2016, has been awarded by Reta Europe 2017 at "Best Enterprise Solution" with OBASE Demand-Driven Inventory Management solution

OBASE, which is one of the retail software vendor in Turkey, continues to develop solutions with R&D approach. 

Minimizing holding inventory costs with optimum stock, preventing stock-outs by determining when and how much to order, reducing in waste for perishable products with the right product at the right place and in the right quantity were prominent aims of our replenishment solution. Şok Market has been cretaed a big difference in grocery retail by using this solution. 

OBASE, having won the "Best In-Store Application" award with the solution developed at EuroCIS 2013 awards, has been honoured on international platforms.

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