News from Obase

News from Obase

Istanbul hosted Microstrategy Symposium!

The first Microstrategy Symposium  held in Istanbul was organized in collaboration with Obase, to host the distinguished guests from Microstrategy clients.  

Leading companies of Turkey were on the stage to reveal Microstrategy's contribution to their business efficiency and the data-driven decision making and management culture.

The panelist of the CIO Panel were Eczacıbaşı Holding CIO Levent Kiziltan, Turkcell CIO Serkan Öztürk, Migros IT Director Kerim Tatlıcı, Boyner Group Omnichannel Retail and Technology Director Sedat Yıldırım.

Obase CEO Dr. Bülent Dal moderated the panel  named "Data-driven decisions at the speed of business" and the panelists discussed how the companies can increase the efficiency and add value to their business with data-driven decision making.

Data-driven management culture is growing stronger!

Best practices from different industries were shared on the value added to business processes by analytic applications that enable real-time and efficient decision making.

Obase CEO Dr. Bülent Dal

To reach the operational excellency and gain a competitive advantage, the data volume and assortment to be processed and the need to evaluate in real-time are steadily increasing.

Nowadays, certain critical decisions need to be made in a matter of hours or even minutes. Business analytics technologies have a crucial role  in delivering intelligent and automatic decisions, through complex processes, using high performance and advanced analytics.

In the client sessions of  the symposium, speakers representing the leading companies of the industries shared their experiences with business analytics and Microstrategy.

We would like to thank THY, Turkcell, Migros, Eczacıbaşı Bilişim, QNB Finansbank, N11, Boyner for their valuable contributions








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