Retail and CPFR | OBASE B2B

It is an interdisciplinary business platform where retailers, suppliers, producers and distributors manage business processes and workflows.
This platform, where the retailers' operations such as sales, sourcing, stock,  billing, logistics, etc are shared in real time within the collaborators' network, providing a business environment where all the applications are fostered and regulated via a single reference system. The Product Information Management (PIM) solution improves customer satisfaction by sharing the content of the products via OBASE B2B to the consumer. This electronic business platform is accessed with web browsers and mobile devices and the data is nurtured by integrations from the source systems.  It provides KPIs of the business processes such as sales, stock availability, stock aging, order fulfillment, promotion and invoice with mediums like dashboards and analytical reports. The platform allows suppliers to measure and assess their KPIs with the «B2B Performance Management Panel».
The platform allows your suppliers, local and international dealers, producers, transporters and custom agents - all of your supply chain stakeholders; to execute your sourcing processes so that you can focus on your main business; retail. Increase your business efficiency with VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) on OBASE B2B. 

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