E-Commerce Back Office l QUICKPICK

Pick & Deliver E-commerce Orders via Tablets 

OBASE QuickPick  is an e-Commerce Back Office Management product that enables e-commerce orders to be picked via tablets in the retail store.
It enables quick and accurate picking and delivery of e-commerce orders with Android tablets from the store. Quickpick covers  all the processes; the e-commerce order, customer delivery and payment,  and provides  KPIs of the  pickers and the delivery staff.  Complementing the e-commerce suite with OBASE Etailer and  Etailer Mobile, Quickpick integrates with the existing solutions to deliver a seamless  e-commerce experience, with a short configuration effort. 



The faster you pick and ship your order, the lower the costs per order

QuickPick saves your time and money with the picking and distribution operations. Enabling a holistic process,  Quickpick will help you  satisfy your customers with timely and precise deliveries.
Quickpick provides fast and controlled order picking. With the Dashboard, the status of orders and the location of the delivery can be tracked. Quickpick reports can measure the performance of the pickers and delivery staff.
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