Retail Management System | RETAILER

ERP solution developed with the expertise of OBASE Retailer provides the management of processes that are specially designed for retail and customized for retailers.
Retailers are able to collect, store, analyze and measure the results of their business processes with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. With the help of E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-Book, Vegetable Market  Registration System and Retail Accounting Modules the retailers have an 'Enterprise Retail Management System' from A to Z. Serving retailers at different scales, Retailer manages all business processes in the supply/demand chain efficiently and on a rule basis. With the RF (Radio Frequency) technology, handheld terminals operating in the stores and warehouses provide agility and helps the users to work in the field.  
When you have the opportunity to manage your processes from end to end; you can take actions that will increase your sales, lower your costs, and enable you to take timely measures to increase your incomes and profitability.

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