Analytic Customer Relations Management | DETAILER CRM

Detailer CRM is an analytical CRM System developed for customer management in the retail industry with an omnichannel approach.
Customer behaviors are predicted with data mining practices.  Retail adaptations of models such as customer segmentation, basket and RFM analysis and segment transition scores are brought together to deliver a CRM system for the CRM management teams. With the data cleaning and deduplication functionalities, the customer information base is always kept in good quality and updated. The behaviors of the target and control groups and the success of the campaigns are evaluated with the Campaign Performance Analysis. 
You can increase your performance,  profits and  customer satisfaction by using your campaign budgets for the right customers at the right time. You need to capture and  interpret the tracks left by your customers in your retail process and estimate how your customers will make their move. You will  figure out how to react to them, mining the information  from a mass of data.

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