Retail Management System | AXBASE

As a value-added application, AXBase is developed to fulfill retail management requirements on Microsoft Dynamics 365, a global ERP solution. AXBase is equipped with the functionalities to meet all the ERP needs of the companies operating in the Turkish retail industry. 

"OBASE having more than 20 years of retail experience developed AXBase focusing on the retail point of sale (POS), Store, Distribution Center, Supply Chain, Finance, E-transformation solutions (E-archive, E-billing, E-book). With the infrastructure open to customizations, applications are customized for retailers to deliver a  seamless process management. 
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365, an integrated ERP solution developed for medium- and large-scale organizations, performs resource planning on a process basis. With the ERP features, Dynamics 365 enterprise business solutions are an expandable platform with shared data and digital intelligence. It is designed to simplify your processes and reduce your costs by delivering cloud-based, scalable holistic applications to your expanding organization needs. Dynamics 365, which can easily adapt to company processes, integrates with Office applications like Word, Excel and Outlook and shortens the adaptation process. OBASE partnered with Dynamics 365 for the flexibility and configurability of the solution."
When you have the opportunity to manage your processes centrally; You can make moves that will increase your sales, lower your costs, and take timely measures to increase your incomes and profitability. When industry dynamics force you to change, AXBase's flexible infrastructure provides the speed and adaptability you need at affordable rates. Adapt your Strategic Growth Plans to your Retail Management software investments in a short time and with reasonable cost.

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