Data Management Solutions

Don’t get stuck to a narrow window when using your data!

%66 of the companies keep their reporting and analysis data in excel. In other words, they don’t have a data-driven management approach! Decisions are taken either according to the personal expertise or thoughts on data sets gathered from manual BI tools and/or excel sheets. Only %3 of companies can create critical insights. In order to increase data-driven management approach, it is a necessity to built a system to create calculated indicators and insights for decision makers other than letting them drowning in big data. 

Decision @ the speed of your business

Smarter decision making will be possible with predictive analytics, complex activity management, scoring and optimization techniques running on integrated big data sources. Valuable information derived from enriched data will help top managers make healthier and more confident strategic decisions.

Obase partners with companies such as Hortonworks, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Paxata to provide value added consulting services and solutions in data management.

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