Analytical Solutions

Analytic SolutionsGain hidden insights for data-driven business decisions

In order to differentiate from the competitors, you need to collect as much data as possible and turn them into meaningful information to be able to make business decisions.

Data is being used to increase the competitive power and the effectiveness of the organization, to better grasp the future, and effectively reduce the possible risks, in order to increase the income and better perceive the customer. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that big data provides strategic competitive power to your company.

Solutions and tools developed with analytical technology contribute to improve the quality of data-driven decision-making. OBASE delivers analytical solutions, partnering with leading technology providers, developing value-added solutions and delivering professional services.

Track. Visiualize.Report

Obase solutions constructed with Data Visualization, Data Discovery, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Our solutions provide repeatable, industry-specific analytical information, especially in the Retail, Telecommunications and Airline industries and contribute to accurate decision-making based on data and forecasts.

On structured and unstructured data, we use predictive analytics to analyse the streams analytics to help your company make smart operational decisions automatically.

Obase is in strategic alliance with Microstrategy and partner in the region since 1997, on Corporate Analytics Solutions. MicroStrategy is a dominating technology provider in business analytics, mainly in business intelligence, mobile and visual analytics.

Obase develops predictive solutions for the thriving and enriched big data, with tools such as R, SPSS, Phyton. We are partners with IBM Watson, Microsoft on machine learning and cognitive computing.


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