OBASE Retailer: The definitive management system exclusive for retail

Today’s retailers need solutions to manage all business processes without missing a beat: Products, suppliers, stocks (inventory) and all other items of the typical supply demand chain. And when it comes to multi store chain business, product operations at the distribution center are more important than ever.

A tailor-made ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for retail will help retailers to improve service and sales processes, increase sales, lower costs, take all measures to increase revenue and efficiency and organize the right campaigns by collecting, storing, analyzing and measuring results of the business process information.

The new era of automation and information management
Retailer is the best match for retailers of all sizes, automating all supply/demand chain business processes more effective. Once automation yields valuable data, authorized staff and other organizational bodies can easily access this resource from a common library. Retailer gives the professionals what they need: Access to all kinds of information from A to Z through an Enterprise Retail Management System. Access to any data within the company is easy and secure, all possible by Retailer.

RETAILER because…

  • Exclusive retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution
  • Complies with local regulations
  • Flexible, scalable and parametric structure
  • Can realign to changing needs
  • Easy integration to various systems
  • Fast and low cost installation
  • Business savvy and visionary staff
  • Rich functionality for the retail business
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Ease of use

Barcoder for wireless automation
OBASE embedded another exclusive feature in the Retailer product: The Barcoder, a wireless automation solution for mobile devices and tools, enabling easy daily operations at various areas. Retailers can realize all transactions on products, stock, order and inventory both online and offline regardless of location.

With Barcoder, all business rules of retail solutions can be applied via RFID and warehouse management and operational processes can be completed faster than ever, with less errors and losses. Barcoder completes OBASE Retailer both in the store and the warehouse.

Ready for what future may ask for
Retailer, is a dynamic tool of the overall retail solution that can easily be realigned to needs and adapts rapidly for any business model. With Retailer, the current business model of users are moved to a new platform at the blink of an eye with a n analytic process based on information. Adaptation phase becomes shorter, efficiency increases and costs are lower.

While managing processes accurately and effectively, Retailer offers a flexible platform for further development, all to make sure you keep pace with the latest technology.

Open architecture, platform independent and scalable retail solutions from OBASE…


  • ERP providing operational process control exclusively for retail
  • Retail specific solution with technological developments and innovation
  • Dedicated system ready for multi company, warehouse and store business cycles
  • Parametric infrastructure adaptable to various retailer needs
  • Consistent, reliable and high tech database infrastructure for the ever growing detailed data of the retail business
  • Integration to other systems and peripherals of the retail (Front office systems, wireless automation systems, accounting, finance, human resources, warehouse, data warehouse, B2B, CRM, B2C, etc.) (POS, card systems, RF, kiosk, scales, labeling systems, handheld terminals, etc.)
  • Multilingual and multicurrency features (English, Russian, German, Arabic, Cyrillic, Roman, etc.)
  • Easy installation, alignment and use
  • Project implementation in short periods
  • Authorization, approval, logging features to monitor and control the system


  • Product Management
  • Current Accounts Management
  • Price Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Order Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Stock Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communications Management
  • Sales Management
  • Storage / Warehouse Management
  • Store Management
  • Reports


OBASE, founded in 1995, is a pioneering software and consultancy company with state of the art expertise on Scientific Retail Solutions and Analytical Solutions. An expert staff at OBASE works around the clock to provide for its customers to transform data into business value and increase efficiency through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouse, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B / B2C electronic business platforms. The OBASE scientific retail business solutions offer end-to-end store management ERP; providing all software and integration needed to enhance enterprise supply / demand chain business processes. These solutions address a wider audience from a small store to a multi-store chain. OBASE produces enriched and smart reporting systems for companies, helping them access all kinds of data with increased analytic capability over reports, score sheets and analyses.

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