Optimum stock, maximum efficiency… Operational decision support system to enhance your stock management capability and enable realistic sales planning for the future.

How do you plan your sales? Are your previous sales data enough to make realistic planning for your stocks and stores?

OBASE offers another exclusive product for the retail business: Replenishment. Simplifying stock management and helping you accurately plan product circulation between stores, sales planning with Replenishment will transform your operations to a point more profitable than ever before.

Realistic indicators for vigorous planning
Effective evaluation of previous data is essential to incorporate new trends that address your product portfolio’s target audience, resulting in a boost of sales. That is what Replenishment does for you: Following every step of your operations, gathering data to produce realistic indicators for your future plans. Daily, weekly and monthly reports; or product histories of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual periods can easily be calculated and accounted.

Module infrastructure with support for ERP
OBASE supports many ERP system modules that are built for the retail business with Replenishment. The product is especially an expert on transforming sales data into detailed reporting and calculations, while forecasting future sales and keeping stocks at an optimum level…

Replenishment contributes to stock managers’ decision making during initial distribution of orders to stores and continuous feed from the storage later on; especially for the retail business and its sub-category of personal appeal products.

OBASE Replenishment because…

  • Increase product availability during the peak season to maximize high price sales
  • Minimize season end stocks, discount period products and/or outlet store merchandise that will be sold cheaper than peak prices
  • Ensure full availability of all sizes to increase customer satisfaction
  • Enable display of optimum products at optimum units in stores where cost is higher
  • Prevent outselling while avoiding cost and excess stock
  • Create balance between customer satisfaction, supply chain and costs
  • Enable optimum stock keeping (Smart Stock Management)
  • Increase operational profitability
  • Enhance effective stock management for mostly imported products that can’t be returned to manufacturer
  • Minimize storage-store and/or store-store logistics costs
  • Integrating strong and high volume operations capable special algorithms for local retailers
  • Operational decision support system to enable realistic sales plans for the future

Effective control of stock levels
Replenishment (Smart Stock Management) offers many options for planning and therefore an ideal solution for definition of minimum and maximum stock levels based on time or stores. When stocks come close to the minimum level, the system suggests orders instantly. With static minimum and maximum stock definitions, extraordinary stock levels can easily be avoided.

Advantage in operations
All screens of a product can display KPIs related to the product or a specific store, giving way to in-store operations based on these parameters. The unification screen embedded in Replenishment module can gather stocks at selected stores and/or outlet stores.

Kırıklık oranı hesabıyla verimli ürün dolaşımı
Retail users have access to certain features that are not included in ERP systems with Replenishment. The most significant of these is “calculation of broken products”. Replenishment calculates broken rate of products and organizes product rotation among stores or between the sore and storage depending on your predefined criteria such as size, color, outfit and accessory.

Keep optimum stock levels and increase your profitability with OBASE Replenishment


  • User-friendly, customizable interfaces
  • Flexible and rapid installation options
  • Parametric infrastructure
  • Fast and efficient forecast algorithms
  • Order and transfer suggestion calculation based on a variety of parameters
  • Sales forecast calculation based on a variety of parameters
  • Automatic distribution of order suggestions based on various distribution methods
  • Dynamic priority groups and performance criteria for stores
  • Right product to the right store with allocation plan
  • Logging stock moves from the storage to the store
  • Parametric infrastructure to monitor storage reception and store shelving performances
  • Smart stock management
  • Creating rotation groups in the system for each store and products
  • Calculating broken rates on store and option basis
  • REPLENSIHMENT for store capacity definitions
  • Controlled and parametric return orders and rotations
  • Operational decision support system


  • Definitions and Parameters
    • Allocation Plan Association
    • Replenishment Parameters
    • Distribution Definitions
  • Order Suggestions
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Calculating Order Suggestions
    • Calculating Performance Metrics
  • Distribution
    • Allocation
    • Replenishment
    • Return Orders


OBASE, founded in 1995, is a pioneering software and consultancy company with state of the art expertise on Scientific Retail Solutions and Analytical Solutions. An expert staff at OBASE works around the clock to provide for its customers to transform data into business value and increase efficiency through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouse, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B / B2C electronic business platforms. The OBASE scientific retail business solutions offer end-to-end store management ERP; providing all software and integration needed to enhance enterprise supply / demand chain business processes. These solutions address a wider audience from a small store to a multi-store chain. OBASE produces enriched and smart reporting systems for companies, helping them access all kinds of data with increased analytic capability over reports, score sheets and analyses.

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