Value added applications for retail management on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail

You need a custom ERP system to monitor and manage all retail business processes including the product, suppliers, inventory, supply / demand chains and alike. OBASE developed an exclusive retail management solution, AXBase, to gather, deduplicate, store and analyze all information; resulting in the right moves with decisions based on analytical results.

AXBase was developed for the retail business and its relevant processes on Microsoft’s Dynamics AX for Retail; measuring every process, increasing sales and revenue while reducing costs and all with timely intervention. Besides, AXBase can adapt to ever-changing conditions with extreme flexibility, with fast-paced and low-cost updates.

Seamless ERP for Retail Chains
With its internationally proven success, AXBase running on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail was developed to meet any and every need for the retail businesses in Turkey. The solution integrates all business processes with extremely low costs and can be easily monitored, enhancing a centralized operation. AXBase can gather all analytical data to provide demand oriented results.

AXBase because…

  • It provides value added applications on strong retail ERPs
  • Is an international / multinational platform
  • Fully integrated with all Microsoft products
  • Retail management system with increased efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Enhances revenue generating strategies
  • Creates business opportunity foresight
  • Easy automation of business processes
  • Timely and right decisions
  • Better customer relationship management
  • Enables problem diagnosis
  • Business flow without code requirements
  • Enhances standardization for custom made code development
  • Releases alerts and notifications
  • Realizes work assignments
  • Monitor business trends

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Developed for mid and large scale companies, Microsoft’s integrated ERP solution Dynamics AX 2012 develops resource planning based on processes. OBASE has chosen the product for its flexibility and easily manipulated structure. Dynamics AX 2012 adapts to company processes, integrates to Word, Excel and Outlook with shorter compatibility times and lowers project costs. AX 2012 can run on Windows or Web based, responding to versatile utilization needs.

Reliable Manager in the Chain
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is a global overall ERP solution developed for the retail business. The product easily integrates with any existing ERP or POS system and more than fit for multi-store management. Running on Microsoft’s casual and productive platform, it provides integrated applications, enterprise applications and technological infrastructure. Non-integrated processes are integrated and centralized with easy monitoring and an incredibly low cost. Supporting 40 languages, the product is fully integrated with Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Portal and Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Headquarters, is AXBase’s powerhouse module for centralized management capabilities. It has all tools required for centralized processes and distribution center operations of any supply chain function specific to the retail business, including store management, promotions and price management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail POS, is the solution for retail point of sales. It is where information from Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Headquarters on products, price and promotion become a sales initiative; switching to a back office application to provide a richer utilization in the store for retailers.


  • Advanced supply chain management
  • Store management
  • Proactive retailing
  • Advanced price and promotion management
  • Role based user experience
  • Role focus and multi level companies
  • Customized interfaces
  • Full integration with other Microsoft products
  • Multi country, language, payment and currency support
  • Portal applications, workflow and alerts
  • Customized and enriched interface layouts
  • Customized POS screens (touch, OPOS and keyboard support)
  • Flexible, custom, scalable and easy to update solution for retail management


  • Payment Type / Installment Management
  • Price and Promotion Management
  • Approved Cash Register Integration
  • Local Requirements for PC Sales
  • PC POS / Bank POS Integration
  • Invoice Control and Management
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Local Accounting and Financial Regulations
  • Operational Reports
  • Operational CRM
  • CRM Analysis / Mobile Applications
  • Business Intelligence and Decision Support Applications
  • Variety Monitoring
  • Export and Import
  • Replenishment (smart inventory management)


OBASE, founded in 1995, is a pioneering software and consultancy company with state of the art expertise on Scientific Retail Solutions and Analytical Solutions. An expert staff at OBASE works around the clock to provide for its customers to transform data into business value and increase efficiency through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouse, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B / B2C electronic business platforms. The OBASE scientific retail business solutions offer end-to-end store management ERP; providing all software and integration needed to enhance enterprise supply / demand chain business processes. These solutions address a wider audience from a small store to a multi-store chain. OBASE produces enriched and smart reporting systems for companies, helping them access all kinds of data with increased analytic capability over reports, score sheets and analyses.

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