Three-dimensional perspective to the retail enterprise budget management

We need to understand what is happening to catch up the speed of the future. Improve corporate performance, and everything you need to make a healthy budget planning have been combined in the solution.

Budget management has an indisputable importance for organizations determining roadmaps on nowadays. Organizations are required to read corporate performance indicators succesfully to conduct planning in a healthy way. This is essential to look after the future with confidence.

Data model for retail industry
Obase’s Budget Management tool has been developed to meet the needs of the retail sector especially. Obase Budget has been designed with consideration of structures and forms of doing business in the retail sector. Obase’s Budget offer the best tool for budget management to business owners due to ready data modeling and KPI’s.

To see the big picture
Budget management has been developed on IBM Cognos TM1's budget management product, in which data collected at a single point and data can be analyzed by business intelligence, while providing movements visible on a single screen to managers, giving support them in decision making.

Version differences disappear
With centralized management approach and standardization with Obase Budget, budget revisions and corrections made by the managers is reflected in the bottom of the user immediately. Thanks to strengthen co-operation between the users, data has been entered to a centralized sytem by all users. Thus, the differences between versions, duplicate files and other business risks that came with it disappear.

Continue to use excel
Obase Budget does not change the ways of doing business of users, therefore users can adapt easily to the tool. Because users can use not only web interface but also excel. Each data entered in the budget, reflect to TM1 in the background at the same time, the new system continues to process the data storage and processing. This feature shortens the process of adaptation of enterprises, increasing efficiency, decreasing costs.

Fast implementation
Obase Budget offers the possibility of the implementation in a short time defined with weeks due to data model.

Controllable and safe
Data is collected in a single center and processed in real-time, provides real controllability for managers and other authorized users. In this way, the corporate performance can be expressed in a clear and transparent manner. Managers can take instant decisions and apply in the face of changes without delay.

Individual and / or group-specific authorizations can be defined on the system. The system that allows users to access the data within the authorization, provides the best protection at all times and the most reliable results reflected the performance dial.

Automatic approval processes
Obase Budget aims to minimize the time loss which is occurred in the organization by speeding up business processes in the digital environment, and also makes automatic the approval process. Approves goes forward in the order defined, process continues from users to managers.

Less IT load, faster operation
The most important feature of Obase Budget is easily managed tool directly used by business owners. Obase Budget offers a complete and problem free solution. Workload of IT decreases highly in installation, integration and operation stages. Budget management processes are shortened by a measurable amount.


  • OPEX


  • Developed for retail industry as a ready data model
  • Collecting data in a single center offers top-level management features
  • Provides a controllable and secure infrastructure
  • Easy adaptation, support for the classic working methods
  • Offers version management
  • Supports consolidation, allows the management of budget processes of different operating units in different countries in a single center, and allows the preparation of consolidated financial tables.
  • Supports preparation of financial tables according to Turkish Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standarts at the same time.
  • Directly manageable by business owners


  • Planning, reporting and analysis
  • Centralized data management and storage
  • Individual or group-specific authorization options
  • Complete reliability
  • Version management
  • Consolidation
  • Financial tables according to Turkish Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standarts at the same time
  • User friendly, web and excel interfaces
  • Patented in 64-bit read write in-memory OLAP engine
  • Optimize large data volumes
  • Instant data updates
  • Access to other systems for detailed analysis
  • Support for multi-dimensional analysis
  • Advanced sorting and rating
  • Dynamic calculations
  • “What if”modelling
  • Workflows
  • Approving mechanism


OBASE, founded in 1995, is a pioneering software and consultancy company with state of the art expertise on Scientific Retail Solutions and Analytical Solutions. An expert staff at OBASE works around the clock to provide for its customers to transform data into business value and increase efficiency through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouse, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B / B2C electronic business platforms. The OBASE scientific retail business solutions offer end-to-end store management ERP; providing all software and integration needed to enhance enterprise supply / demand chain business processes. These solutions address a wider audience from a small store to a multi-store chain. OBASE produces enriched and smart reporting systems for companies, helping them access all kinds of data with increased analytic capability over reports, score sheets and analyses.

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