Overall management solution for solid information sharing between enterprises.

There can be no mistakes or errors when it comes to the supply chain. Especially for fast moving consumer goods, managing every step from supply to sales is beyond vital. OBASE B2B solution has an enterprise information share in total digital form and enables a cutting edge management of the supply chain.

Which store, which product?
Products with a certain life cycle like foods are subject to a specialized management process, monitoring sales for every product and every store, to regulate distribution based on this complex data. And this is only possible with a talented platform like B2B.

Process Management, in digital
Suppliers used to gather and process data manually. All sales and shelf information were recorded by employers and that meant loss of efficiency. Now B2B produces real time data and keeps it in digital form, therefore enhancing instant reporting and intervention if needed.

Digitally stored information via B2B minimizes flaws and errors. Package contents, product unit numbers, varieties and prices are verified with excellence, order and invoice data are collected at a centralized platform to create an advantage for suppliers and retail chains.

Higher ROI
B2B means higher ROI in a shorter time span. All business processes are on a digital platform, there is a standard communication for all users and this is crowned with world class data security. Improved business processes and minimized errors increase efficiency with faster profits, both for the supplier and the retailer.

OBASE B2B because

  • Shorter business processes with digital platform advantages
  • Lower operational costs
  • Prevents losses from errors during supply process
  • Joint platform for users from supply and retail
  • Improves service quality at the end user point of sales
  • Provides real time data on sales and supply
  • Faster return of investment

Reliable Product Data
Universal and unilateral product data may be recurrent in various codes and attributes across sales channels, country organizations, suppliers, producers/manufacturers, logistics companies. This may mean errors due to incorrect product information and result in loss of time for correction, wrong orders or deliveries and create extra costs, loss of sales and efficiency; which all are grave issues that retailers and suppliers must tackle.

Product information is more than SKU number, barcode or name. Delivery fashions, price, dimensions, weight, existing inventory, sales volume, package content, standard order amount, nutritional information, supplier name, product visual, etc are just a few of the hundreds of attributes at stake.

The more rich and up-to-date the product information, higher the efficiency and lower the cost for a retail value chain. OBASE provides a product information management (PIM) system that uses all product information, confirms all applications based on a single reference point and delivers customizable data.

OBASE PIM offers;

  • Decrease in outsell
  • Less time spent on product information alignment
  • Better information for the consumer, higher customer satisfaction, etc.

Web and Mobile
OBASE B2B’s analytical inquiry capability provides an overall solution from the supplier to the store with easy sales, product, inventory, buying/purchasing and invoicing procedures. These features are also backed up with web and mobile integrations to enhance management capabilities.

Inquiry and reporting or alert and notification modules deliver all analysis on the platform through mobile applications to all users, speeding up approvals. Managers and supervisors from retail stores or suppliers can plan immediate steps based on real time analyses.


  • Location and time free accessibility
  • Cross-platform and device accessibility (Web, smart phone, tablet)
  • Flexible and customizable inteface
  • Scalability
  • Unlimited information sharing
  • Access in every format
  • Dual data integration
  • Analytic and flexible reporting
  • Automatic alert system


  • Supplier Information
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Accounting
  • Inquiry and Reporting
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Information Sharing


OBASE, founded in 1995, is a pioneering software and consultancy company with state of the art expertise on Scientific Retail Solutions and Analytical Solutions. An expert staff at OBASE works around the clock to provide for its customers to transform data into business value and increase efficiency through scientific retail business solutions, data warehouse, business intelligence, data integration, data mining solutions and B2B / B2C electronic business platforms. The OBASE scientific retail business solutions offer end-to-end store management ERP; providing all software and integration needed to enhance enterprise supply / demand chain business processes. These solutions address a wider audience from a small store to a multi-store chain. OBASE produces enriched and smart reporting systems for companies, helping them access all kinds of data with increased analytic capability over reports, score sheets and analyses.

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