Campaign Management | PROMNI

It is a sales channel  independent, centralized, online, real-time and easy to use Campaign Management System.
Without being limited with the capabilities of the POS ( point of sale), PROMNI is easily integrated with physical stores POS, kiosk, e-Commerce,  and mobile commerce applications,  providing an omnichannel experience that can be easily created by business users via wizards. Providing the use of award types such as discounts, coupons, checks, points or messages, PROMNI provides holistic, targeted campaigns with customer loyalty programs. Integrated with Obase's Detailer CRM, Axbase, Retailer and Etailer products, an invaluable customer management  ambiance is created. With the centralized and online structure, PROMNI enables you to   go beyond your competitors' promotional competencies and allows you to use cumulative campaign conditions - reward yields based on the customer's total purchasing / buying frequency during the campaign. All the  campaigns valid at the same time interval are rendered with prioritization algorithms.
By increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can lower your costs. You can very quickly  react  to your competition's campaigns. PROMNI will help you make a difference with your  own campaigning skills  and flexibility to create rich campaigns. You can integrate your different sales channels with PROMNI to create an omnichannel management culture.

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