E-Commerce l E-TAILER

It is a new generation e-commerce Management System with real-time sales and inventory management, based on an easy-to-use and flexible infrastructure. Etailer can meet the dynamic requirements of the e-commerce, fast and efficiently. 
With the ERP independent and the stand-alone category and price structure Etailer can be positioned as a stand alone store. Developed for IOS and Android users, Etailer Mobile offers an omni-channel experience. With the integration with Obase Promni, elevates to e-commerce to   an exceptional experience of promotions and personalized campaigns. The "Recommendation Engine", which uses customer micro segmentations, determines  which product should be recommended to which customer. This functionality depends on customer behavior similarity algorithms and likelihood to purchase calculations. "Quickpick" 's scope  covers picking, delivery and payment processes and manages the  e-commerce back office operations.
You can manage  your e-commerce transactions end-to-end with Etailer. Can create e-commerce channel in harmony with your omni-channel strategies and trigger increases in basket average, conversion rate, and likelihoods to purchase rates. 

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