Smart Stock Management | OBASE REPLENISHMENT

OBASE REPLENISHMENT is a smart inventory management system developed with  data-driven methods,.to provide the means of managing the retail stock efficiently  in a world of varying demand environment.
The solution elevates on allocation with different distribution keys (R-FIRSTLOAD), replenishment (R-REPLENISH) and  periodic stock transfer management (OBASE R-MAT) . Retailers are enabled to keep their shelf full, sales losses minimum, operational efficiency high and stock levels at the optimum level. Scientific Retail practices deliver demand forecasts, optimal reorder points and replenishing quantities. Freshness index in food retailing and assortment optimization in fashion retailing are industry-specific vulnerabilities addressed by OBASE REPLENISHMENT.
You can increase sales by eliminating out of stocks, reducing waste and write-offs.  You can decrease the excess inventory and while positively impacting the your customers' desire to shop with the full and appealing shelfs and racks.

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