Data Management Solutions

It is critical to use  the technologies efficiently to establish the data consistency and the integrity, to transform the data into valuable information.

Organizations have access to a wealth of data and information. However most of the data is unstructured and they can not take enough advantage out of it. Organizations can begin to use in the most rewarding way, the big data enriched with the value adding parameters such as volume, speed, diversity, accuracy, variability, technology and experience.

Big data is a functional means to provide innovation for organizations. Invaluable gains can be gained by building analytical applications injected into operational processes.

Smarter decision making will be possible with predictive analytics, complex activity management, scoring and optimization techniques running on integrated big data sources. Valuable information derived from enriched data will help top managers make healthier and more confident strategic decisions.

With the help of the microsegments emerging from the enriched customer data, the ability to deliver precise recommendations from the right channel, to the right customer, at the right time will escalate. In this sense, retailers' information capital will flourish and they will nurture trust with their exclusive customers and social communities, developing individual and creative connections and managing company's perception. Analytics will allow the detection of previously hidden templates, classifications, associations and segmentations. Most of the decisions can be made in real-time and automatically with event based triggers introduced on the solutions running on streaming data generated by the business processes.

Obase partners with companies such as Hortonworks, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Paxata to provide value added consulting services and solutions.

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