Crm and Customer Experience Management Solutions

It is now more attainable than ever, for the retailer to create an exclusive and exceptional customer experience - with the recent technological advancements.

While customer surveys, private researches and voice of the customer studies can be blended digitally to learn more about the customer and her experience, integrating the content provided by the text conversion of the call center voice recordings, emails, social media sharing can further augment customer satisfaction.

Improving customer experience is the most legitimate item on the agenda of the top managers in any industry. Improving customer experience and increasing service satisfaction is the key to making a competitive difference. Gartner's research conducted in the recent years; show that 89% of the marketing managers will construct their competitive advantage and differentiation theme on Customer Experience Management.

Since 1998, Obase has expanded the loyalty program solutions to a remarkable solution family that enables the retailers to hear the voice of their customer from all channels, to deliver special offers & personalized recommendations and to timely detect the inconveniences that may occur within the customer experience process. We offer analytical solutions for retail, telecommunications, airlines, finance, government and service industries to measure and improve customer experience.

As partner of  RichRelevance we are able to offer a cloud solution on big data and advanced analytics that facilitates the creation of personalized product & content recommendations and campaign offers based on real-time customer transactions data.

As partner of Clarabridge we deliver a comprehensive Customer Experience Management solution, assessing the conversations in real-time throughout the channels - social media, call center, survey, e-mail, website - and helping the CEM professionals to react quickly.

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