R&D Solutions

It is critical for the software companies to specialize in specific topics and give importance to R&D in order to provide innovative and efficient solutions in these fields, for the sustainability of the value created in the industry.

From day one, OBASE is dedicated to developing products and repeatable solutions on the focus areas of expertise. In 2012, we were honoured with the R&D Center title by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and since then we pursue our R&D and product development endeavours under the supervision of the ministry. At Obase R & D Center we develop Scientific Retail solutions, along with the big data, analytics, IoT based productivity enhancing and innovative solutions for the Telecommunication, Smart City and Airline Industries. We collaborate with universities and the academic ecosystem.

Prescriptive Analytics and Cognitive Computing Solutions are means developed for smart and automatic decision making to help the organizations out with the vast number of the decisions they have to make in a short time.

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