RFM Segmentation
Recency, Frequency, Monetary
Customer clusters are grouped as it is wanted and named based on RFM values: fanatic, loyal, active, etc.
Data Cleansing
Validating and controling the accuracy of the customer data with different approaches by providing reports to understand the data quality issues easily: logical data control reports, wrong data entry detection reports, and repeating records.
Demographic Segmentation
Reports and dashboards show sales and purchase patterns of customers depending on demographics.
Analysis of where and which product groups are being purchased, shopping profile of customers based on gender, hours they spend shopping, days of the week, and their job.
Segment Migration Analysis
RFM and customer value segmentation is being made within certain periods. We can track, monitor, and analyze transitions among segments.
You can easily monitor the previous segment and trend of lost customers and predict the losing risk of valuable customers.

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Founded in 1995, OBASE is one of Turkey's leading software & consulting companies.   As an information technology solution provider, software development company and a system integrator, OBASE is experienced in ‘Analytical Solutions’ and ‘Scientific Retail Solutions’.    Practicing high level engineering in the Project Innovation Labs established within the OBASE R&D Center.    Delivers solutions that transform data to information, information to value.   OBASE is a Microsoft Gold Partner and owns the Retail Partner Certificate.   Proprietary owner of vertical software solutions developed on Microstrategy, IBM Information Management and Microsoft Dynamics technologies and 8th largest software development company in Turkey.   Serving international corporates with the Chicago based investment.

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