”With our My Office project, 850 store managers nationwide have their offices on their iPads. For such a large scale project, we chose MicroStrategy Mobile Platform and OBASE was our trusted partner for every step. We have teamed up with them for years to implement such operational excellence projects that have become innovative milestones."

”We use DETAILER for Store Management System, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and CRM services. Their business experience and mutual ease of communication with their comprehensive expert staff and their ability to respond to our specific needs made them our primary business partner for 15 years."

”Along with DETAILER, we developed and implemented mobile and business optimization projects to increase operational efficiency. They are more than a software and service company, they are a key business partner that follows retail trends and gives us the right direction when we need it the most."

Growing infrastructure needs business users to decide very fast; no extra time for fixing errors.We need Business Technologies direct us with managable systems to make our Business Life easier. We are really doing this very fast."

”Our stock efficiency, operations monitoring and projection capabilities have improved significantly with DETAILER solutions. We continue to grow in confidence with strong support from and the experienced staff of DETAILER.”

About company

Founded in 1995, OBASE is one of Turkey's leading software & consulting companies.   As an information technology solution provider, software development company and a system integrator, OBASE is experienced in ‘Analytical Solutions’ and ‘Scientific Retail Solutions’.    Practicing high level engineering in the Project Innovation Labs established within the OBASE R&D Center.    Delivers solutions that transform data to information, information to value.   OBASE is a Microsoft Gold Partner and owns the Retail Partner Certificate.   Proprietary owner of vertical software solutions developed on Microstrategy, IBM Information Management and Microsoft Dynamics technologies and 8th largest software development company in Turkey.   Serving international corporates with the Chicago based investment.

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