Configured for retail, ready to go, fast, and flexible analytic decision support system. Today, all retailers are in pursuit of a solution for their suppliers, managers, business partners, and customers to deliver timely and accurate information to reach their targets. This is where business intelligence software comes in handy; providing solutions for analytical decision making processes.

With business intelligence tools, retailers can collect, store, analyze and measure data to:

      Improve service and sales processes
      Increase sales
      Lower costs
      Take measures to increase revenue and efficiency
      Organize effective campaigns
     Make instant strategic decisions based on information

Detailer enhances data mining through data warehouse and advanced analytical applications and provides a platform that can transform data to information, information to analytical applications into future projection during instant, and strategic decision making processes.

Operational data is prepared for accurate and analytical inquiries, and consolidated to a single structure where all departments can see the same data and as a single version of the most accurate information. Sheets of stores, product groups and supplier performance figures are accompanied by operational data such as sales, customer, price and etc. and are all accessible from one single source.

Aside from ready-to-go reports, Detailer users can create custom analytical reports based on the enterprise needs. Retail specific KPIs deliver ad hoc inquiries easily and detailed analyses are possible with drill down and drill up features.

About company

Founded in 1995, OBASE is one of Turkey's leading software & consulting companies.   As an information technology solution provider, software development company and a system integrator, OBASE is experienced in ‘Analytical Solutions’ and ‘Scientific Retail Solutions’.    Practicing high level engineering in the Project Innovation Labs established within the OBASE R&D Center.    Delivers solutions that transform data to information, information to value.   OBASE is a Microsoft Gold Partner and owns the Retail Partner Certificate.   Proprietary owner of vertical software solutions developed on Microstrategy, IBM Information Management and Microsoft Dynamics technologies and 8th largest software development company in Turkey.   Serving international corporates with the Chicago based investment.

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